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Traditional interior design is one of the most popular styles in America – and Monique is one of the most accomplished designers in this genre. Combining a rich color palette with darker wood tones, the architectural character of woodwork, antiques, elegant lighting fixtures and so much more – Monique can create your ultimate Traditional space.

A marriage of Traditional and Contemporary styles, Transitional design is the kind of challenge that allows Monique’s talent to shine. Incorporating very subtle color palettes, warm wood tones, fabrics with texture and patterns, as well as minimalist accessories, Monique creates Transitional spaces that are casual and formal – and classic yet comfortable.

Utilizing soft, neutral color palettes, sleek lines, very bright or very dark wood tones, lots of texture and simple décor – Monique is well versed in the art of Contemporary design. Focussing on open plans and simplicity, her Contemporary designs are the very picture of a functional, peaceful and simply elegant space.